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No Contract GPS Vehicle Tracking Service in USA

We are a renowned GPS tracking system provider helping clients with complete vehicle tracking solutions. We offer highly reliable GPS vehicle tracking throughout the USA using a 4G LTE backbone network to enable clients to maximize their return on investment with hassle-free service plans and rich, intuitive features. If you are looking for a cost effective GPS vehicle tracking service for your fleet and boat tracking service, UTV, or family member, TraxPath’s felixible solutions will protect your valuable assets. We are a no contract GPS tracking provider in USA offering easy to use interface for desktop and mobile users at unbeatable value.

Track Your Vehicles On The Go With Our FasTrack Smartphone App

Current Version: 1.0 | Requires Android 2.2 and up or iOS 5.1 or later

  • Simplified user interface for easy viewing and navigation
  • Vehicles are arranged in the same groups as on the full web application
  • Vehicle detail shows relevant information including last report, last speed and the status of maintenance events
  • Geofences, placemarks, traffic, street view and satellite imagery are all selectable on the map detail screen

Stack Your Tracks With A Single Powerful Device!

By using GPS Fleet Tracking, a company can get 24/7 visibility of the fleet operations to gain valuable insights on the direction of their assets. The following factors will help you make up your mind for our fleet tracking service:

Always-Active Tracking

Get accessibility to real-time round-the-clock fleet tracking service that is absolutely web-based and can be operated through the FasTrack app.

Does Not Exceed The Speed Threshold!

If there is an apprehension that the vehicle is over-speeding, the company is alerted forthwith to eliminate the possibility of accidents. 

Geo-Fence Ability

If you want the fleet operations to be conducted within the required premises, geo-fences and placemarks can be drawn to monitor on-site work.

Anti-Theft Option

Our GPS fleet tracking service provides an additional feature of anti-theft to ensure that your assets are not stolen while the vehicle is parked.

Latest Products

TP-F12B – 4G LTE Wired Vehicle Tracking With Battery Backup

Original price was: $169.95.Current price is: $119.95.

Frequently Asked Questions

Basically, Fleet Tracking is the one-stop solution for making sure that your assets are moving in one swift direction towards the right location. TraxPath always comes up with innovative telematics technology to guarantee that the follow-up is as accurate as possible. In addition, our GPS Vehicle Tracking works round-the-clock to let you monitor the performance of your company.

TraxPath’s team of experts fits a Global Positioning System (GPS) device in your land-based assets which detects the manner in which the driver steers the vehicle. This is done by effectively judging the speed of the vehicle and the times the vehicle has stayed idle. Once the driving style is fully acknowledged by the system, it transmits signals to GPS satellites to track your assets constantly. Moreover, a series of signals combine to actively collect data to provide the exact location of your vehicle. The GPS device utilizes the battery of the vehicle to auto-track at certain intervals.

TraxPath’s tracking system capabilities include drawing geo-fences, placemarks, anti-theft, timely location reports and monitoring the speed of the vehicle. The reports are totally web-based, so you can access reports of your fleet operations through TraxPath’s simplified user app called “FasTrack”

Although it is best suited that the GPS device may well be used with the engine ignited. However, if the battery’s charge is emptied and it is not sufficient enough to run the GPS, the device itself has a 4-hour battery backup. That is to say, the device still gets you covered with accurate locations of the fleet operations even when the battery of the vehicle is disconnected.

Our device automatically conducts fleet tracking of your vehicle to figure out its location. Provided, the auto-track operates every 5 minutes when the engine of the vehicle is on; at the point of ignition to the point the vehicle starts to move. Also, the vehicle will be tracked every 1 hour when the engine is off or when the car is stationary (no ignition).

TraxPath Simply Tracks Better

In the matter of minutes, achieve the fleet visibility that you are worthy of to effectively run your business and avoiding directional errors for the trade routes:

With our unconditional USA-based support from our live assistance team, you can get the guidance that you want through online messaging mediums, phone and even email.

Your fleet operations are detected and reported timely. Hence, you get intimated about vehicle events even when your vehicle is not moving; in case the engine is on and the vehicle is not moving for 3 minutes.

TraxPath’s GPS tracking solutions bring the most value with its pin-point accuracy of fleet operations. Our tracking devices are made out of the highest build quality to bring you the best location-based fleet tracking across the USA.

Our service is indeed customer-friendly and strives for attaining the fullest customer satisfaction. We only hire trained and certified employees, so you can leave your fleet tracking worries to the side.

Ready, Set, Track!

TraxPath is a well-known supplier of GPS tracking systems which offers its clients full-service car tracking solutions. Above all, we utilize a 3G and 4G LTE backbone network to provide incredibly trustworthy GPS car tracking across the USA. We undertake the guarantee to supply only the fullest tracking functionality for the smooth-running of your fleet operations. Still confused if your assets are going to the right point or not? Get certified and the most recommended fleet tracking service in the USA now!

Putting Our Service Into Use

Wondering if your fleet is headed to the right direction? Ensure the safety of your business by getting accurate insights about the positioning and operations of your vehicle using TraxPath’s GPS Vehicle Tracking System.

Deluxe Vehicle Administration

TraxPath vehicle tracking offers dozens of configurable alert settings, assignable vehicle groups, vehicle status history, & more!

Manage Your Vehicle On The Go

In addition to our easy-to-use web interface, TraxPath includes a free smartphone app for Android & iPhone users

Beyond vehicle Tracking

Our customized plug-in remote start systems help protect your investment in any climate!

Veteran Support

Our MECP certified & SAE trained professionals offer expert support and installation guidance saving you time & money.