TraxPath v2.0 – Tracking Your Vehicles


  • You must be logged into the TraxPath tracking web portal
  • In the menu above, click Tracking > Login v2

Your Device/Vehicle List:

  • Your devices/vehicles/users are listed in the “Vehicle” window in the upper left
  • By default, only devices/vehicles are shown. To see all users as well, click the view’s drop down in center of the top bar and select “All”

  • Click on any column header to sort
  • Use the search field to search by name
  • Click on the down arrow next to the search field to filter different parts of the application:
    • Filter on map: Will only show the filtered results on the map view.
    • Filter on Events: Will only show the filtered results in the “Events” window.
    • Filter by bucket (color): Will only display the devices assigned to that bucket.
    • Filter on Tag: Will only show devices or users assigned to that tag.
      • You can create custom tags to organize your vehicles/devices/drivers anyway you’d like.

Viewing The Map:

  • When you login, the map will zoom to all devices.