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Vehicle Tracking Systems


Most North American cellular providers have already begun dismantling their 3G networks. Coverage shrinks every day.


Most ‘inexpensive’ tracking systems available today only support 3G networks and their lifespan is coming to an end. 

Don't get stuck with 3g devices!

You’ll have to retrofit your vehicles within the next year once 3G service is eliminated.

Vehicle Tracking Systems

Contact us to discuss a trade in program where you can receive credit for sending us your outdated devices! We’ll send you a prorated LTE (Long Term Evolution) device making your fleet virtually future proof!

The TraxPath difference

  • We’re backed by one of the most robust and reliable machine-to-machine networks.
  • Our network has a designated gateway to the cellular networks that bypass normal phone user traffic for priority routing.
  • Our network meets stringent US military requirements for guaranteed up time and performance.
  • Our network even has a backup, off-site data center built on granite bedrock to ensure uninterrupted performance. Even during natural disaster.

Low Cost Fleet Tracking And Large Fleet Tracking with No Contracts. We offer solutions custom tailored for any size business, gov't fleets, & families concerned with safety.

TraxPath is a reliable and low cost fleet tracking service provider in the USA. We are offering the best small fleet tracking system to clients without commitment (no contracts!). If you are searching for vehicle fleet tracking with no contract, TraxPath is the right choice. We provide large fleet tracking for desktop and mobile with an easy-to-use web portal and iOS/Android apps. Consider us to track your vehicle fleet anytime, anywhere via affordable solutions. Our no contract fleet tracking offers plans as low as $ 12.00 per month. Contact us to find the best way to reduce fleet costs by optimizing routing, avoiding unnecessary idle time, get live intelligent reporting, and more with our tracking solutions.

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